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Success Story: Alliance-Atlantis Communications

As Canada's largest independent filmed entertainment company for many years, with such major domestic titles as "The English Patient", "Shine", "Due South" (the first Canadian television series in US prime time) as well as innovative 3D computer animation series "Reboot" and "Beast Wars" (Transformers), Alliance saw their existing computer system configuration falling short in a number of crucial areas. Top on their list of goals for a new system were:
Accurate collision testing and availabilities.
Tools to maximize film and television library sales.
Generate global reports from an integrated database.
Alliance found themselves with a strong need to modernize their legacy computer systems to fit the multimedia world of the 1990's. Network television, pay cable and pay per view each had their own special requirements in addition to the traditional French, English rights split that their existing system was simply not flexible enough to handle well.

Perry Brock, vice president information systems and Nelson Kuo-Lee, director of operations, decided to take a fresh approach to implementing their new domestic television licensing system. They recognized that Jaguar's SCOREBOARD incorporated a sophisticated view of entertainment industry business processes focusing on comprehensive availability reporting and invoicing based on contractual events.

This key difference meant that their 1,300 acquisition agreements and 1,500 sales agreements spanning 10 years of active business would have to be entered manually. Perry and Nelson recognized that while no one likes the idea of re-keying data, the decision comes down to time and money. They concluded that it was inevitable that despite utmost care during an automated conversion that at a minimum all of the active contracts would have to undergo a thorough review and update of key exploitation, invoice and theatrical release dates. Jaguar's SPLASH Action Management system-wide event driven calendar made this step a worthwhile effort.

System training proved to be an interesting combination of traditional on-site visits to Toronto, remote PC Anywhere training and visits to Jaguar's Pasadena training facility. The remote PC Anywhere training was typically provided in blocks of 1 to 2.5 hours and consisted of Jaguar using a modem link to take control of a user's PC in Toronto and doing a two-way show and tell discussion using a speakerphone. Alliance elected to come to California to receive training on the system's built in report writer. This gave them instant access to Jaguar's technical staff whenever they were needed to round out some of the more detailed discussions, an option that would not be nearly as practical in Toronto.

A key element of the success of this project was the unflinching realism, professionalism and commitment which Nelson, Perry and Sandra Stoll, the contract administrator and key system user, maintained during their months long data entry, system testing and reconciliation process, all while holding down their regular day jobs! In addition to this project, they also found time to update and implement their own custom version of BLITZ Theatrical Distribution, which went into live operation in May.

Future plans include implementation of WRAP-UP for all divisions and completion of system implementation for their four feature film divisions: Alliance Releasing, Le Monde, Alliance Pictures International and Alliance Independent Films. In addition, Alliance Television International has started a detailed evaluation project of the feasibility of using SCOREBOARD for that major division as well.
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